[Dextrose] More gconf feedback settings

Aleksey Lim alsroot at member.fsf.org
Thu Feb 3 15:29:27 EST 2011

> (3) it pops up a modal type dialog, a user can change into
> home/neighborhood/fried view but cannot change to an activity (for eg,
> log) and thus can't copy paste content from it

Yeah, thats the problem. Handling modals looks a bit messy in the code..
(for other modal it is also possible to reproduce this issue, #2576).
But personalized feedback is just a mockup and I guess t won't be used
in the field, (only anonymous one w/o feedback icon)?

> (4) i guess setting the gconf key enables both anonymous and
> personalized reporting

[PATCH sugar 1/2] Enable/disable personalized and anonymous feedback submits unrelated
[PATCH sugar 2/2] Send XO serial numbers with anonymous reports

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