[Dextrose] Dextrose L10n

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 02:33:23 EST 2011

Dear Pablo,

Can one of the Spanish speakers from Activity Central please submit
the strings (that I think you already have) for the difference between
dx3 and glu94 sugar.po files?

Anish sent me the dx3-sugar.pot file and I created a manual diff from

The file is called dx3-Glu94-sugar-diff.po and is hosted here:


I would like the lang-es strings as soon as possible so I can test and
document the merge process.

It will go something like

Download sugar.po from Glucose94 project on Pootle (or pull from git)

Download dx3-Glu94-sugar-diff.po from Dextrose project on Poolte

Take the dx3-sugar.pot and use pomerge from the Translate Toolkit:

to add the strings from the two separate files into a single dx3-sugar.po file.

When this is tested and working,  I will make the
dx3-Glu94-sugar-diff.po file available for Aymara and Quechua L10n.
If there are any other languages tha you need for Dextrose (en_GB is
alreasy there), let me know and they can be added.

I still want to work out an automated and scriptable method for
generating the diff, but for now, I think it is more important to test
the merge technique and make the diff available for quz and aym L10n.

At some point in future we can discuss the possibility of direct
commit of the diff PO file from Pootle to AC's repo (or some other
arrangement).  At present it is not set up for that.


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