[Dextrose] [Sugar-devel] [PATCH v2][sucrose-0.94][RFC] Add capability to connect to WPA/WPA2-Enterprise networks

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-reply-to-2011-4 at silbe.org
Mon Dec 12 08:54:54 EST 2011

Excerpts from Anish Mangal's message of 2011-12-09 16:08:57 +0100:

> I guess there is great work being done by dsd et. al to get NM 0.9 
> stuff working with sugar/0.96+. I'd be happy to assist with reviewing 
> porting etc. if upstream thinks this a valuable addition for mainline. 
> To that end [cc+=erikos, dsd]

> The patch however, is a departure from the current mainline efforts to 
> _integrate_ network settings between gnome and sugar. It is more on the 
> lines of 0.94 networking sugar code where sugar stores its own network 
> settings in connections.cfg

Not really a departure, it just needs to be ported to current master.
Sugar still creates new connections if the user tries to connect to a
previously-unknown network (the same way nm-applet works). Where this
new connection gets stored is just a technical detail, not a change of
how it works in general.

The ability to connect to networks using WPA2-Enterprise using Sugar
rather than having to use nm-applet or nm-connection-editor is important
both before and after the change to NM 0.9.

The patch we're talking about is a Request For Discussion (RFC) based on
sucrose-0.94; we'd appreciate feedback on the chosen approach (including
design and implementation). When the patch is ready (including
integrating useful feedback we hopefully get from sugar-devel), we'll
try to upstream it, which will include porting it to the future master
branch (Sugar 0.96 is already Feature frozen). However our short-term
goal is to fix a downstream problem, so we need a version based on Sugar
0.94 and for practical reasons (testing) this is the version we'll work
on first.


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