[Dextrose] Modifying 353 (xo-1) to apply the dev.laptop.org/ticket/10195 fix

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Mon Nov 29 07:42:13 EST 2010

>> Bernie - you closed this ticket with "I disabled the mesh on boot and no
>> further incidents of this type were reported".
>> Please - how did you disable the mesh on boot ?
> Like so:
>  # enable debug for pgf
>  # also disable mesh to see if this makes the bug go away
>  cat >>"$INSTALL_ROOT/etc/rc.local" <<__EOF__
>  echo 0x26187 > /sys/module/libertas/parameters/libertas_debug
>  echo 0       > /sys/class/net/eth0/lbs_mesh
>  __EOF__

I was troubleshooting a situation where at least two XO-1 systems would
only rarely associate with an AP (and often had no 'eth0').  Despite
trying everything under the sun, I could never determine the cause.

>From my experimenting, whether I had mesh enabled or not did not make a
difference in this.  I have since reflashed those systems with newer
builds - and am no longer seeing the "missing 'eth0'" situation.
Perhaps the software in the problem systems had gotten corrupted.

What I __still__ cannot depend upon is for every XO-1 to reliably
associate with an AP.  A symptom that I frequently observe is that
'iwlist eth0 scan' (as root) does not show the radio signals that other
XO_1s do show.  [Wireless debug trace shows the scan is being invoked.]
Looks to me that I will be spending lots more time pursuing "how come".

Bernie, thank you for your help,   mikus

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