[Dextrose] dextrose image 6,7Mb

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Nov 11 15:52:31 EST 2010

On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 15:31 -0200, Esteban Arias wrote:
> hi,
> I downloaded the last olpc-os-builder for dextrose.
> When the file "buildnr-0.88-py" has correlative number up "100",
> the process of creation image (./osbuilder.py
> examples/f11-0.88-xo1.5-py.ini) shows:
> .../modules/sd_card_image/image.50.makefs.sh: line 54: * 512: error
> sintáctico: se esperaba un operando (error token is "* 512")
> and out image: os103pyg.zd for 6,7Mb
> any idea?

The error message points at this code:

  $(($img_sectors * $BLOCK_SIZE))

It's possible that $img_sectors contains some junk, such as an error
message. The variable is initialized like this:

  local img_sectors=$(sfdisk -uS -l $img | grep img2 | awk '{print $4}')

The only variable in this expression is $img, which is initialized from
the buildnr:

  local img=$outputdir/os$buildnr.disk.img

Proceeding backwards, we find that $buildnr is initialized like this:


Grepping around, I found that the shell function read_buildnr is defined
in lib/shlib.sh:

 read_buildnr() {
        local buildnr_path=$intermediatesdir/buildnr
        local suffix=$(read_config buildnr_from_file suffix)
        if [[ -e $buildnr_path ]]; then
                echo "$(<$buildnr_path)$suffix"
                echo "0$suffix"

Maybe the problem is that the file contains a space or \n after the

If it's not clear, put a debug statement at the end of read_buildnr:

 echo >&2 "*** $(<$buildnr_path)$suffix ***"

You should get something like this on the terminal:

 *** 100uy ***

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