[Dextrose] Dextrose 1 TODO - update

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Aug 14 23:54:05 EDT 2010

Let's review again the todo list at D-2:

El Fri, 13-08-2010 a las 10:24 -0400, Bernie Innocenti escribió:
> The biggest missing piece is the microformat activity updater. Anish
> submitted the patches 4 days ago, but so far nobody could find the time
> to review and integrate his work. Tincho and I are worried that there
> won't be enough time left to stabilize this feature in time for the
> Paraguayan release.

I've been testing the updater this Friday. It has shortcomings, but it's
usable. The two major issues are:

 * Does not display size while downloading. The wiki pages
   implement the microformat without the size tag. It was working in
   the old microformat updater becuase it did an additional http request
   per bundle to find out what the size is). Anish and I discussed
   possible solutions on IRC.

 * Downloads just the bundles which are already installed. Therefore,
   deployments cannot use the new updater to add new activities on
   all laptops. To implement this, we'd have to change design of the
   model and break the old aslo updater (which we don't care to support

 * The update URL isn't configurable with a gconf key. This is very
   important for deployments, of course. Ideally, the default should
   go somewhere on the schoolserver.

> > == Marketing ==
> > 
> > 1. End-user release notes with screenshots of all new features
> >    (?)
> Still todo. Yesterday, Manusheel expressed interest in working on this.


> > 4. Update olpc-bootanim with "Dextrose 1" on top, remove scary UL signs
> >    on shutdown
> >    (bernie)
> Todo. Hopefully I'll be able to do it this week-end.

Done, and it looks great imho.

> > 2. Test in 5th grade Teniente Farina
> >    (bernie + tch)
> Started on Wednesday, although in Daniel Ortellado instead of Teniente
> Farina. I'm going to Caacupe today to collect feedback from both the 5th
> and 6th grade testers.

Done. It went very well. Even too well, as the kids reported no bugs.

The only serious problem left is Turtle Art being extremely slow on the
XO-1, to the point of being totally unusable. It's probably a
performance issue in the Geode driver triggered by TA's usage pattern.
Hopefully we can work it around in the activity itself.

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