[Dextrose] Dextrose 1 TODO

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Aug 13 10:24:22 EDT 2010

There are still a few bugs I'd like to get fixed before Monday, but
things generally look good.

The biggest missing piece is the microformat activity updater. Anish
submitted the patches 4 days ago, but so far nobody could find the time
to review and integrate his work. Tincho and I are worried that there
won't be enough time left to stabilize this feature in time for the
Paraguayan release.

Let's review our TODO list:

El Mon, 02-08-2010 a las 19:20 -0400, Bernie Innocenti escribió:
> Here's a list of things we have to do before releasing Dextrose 1:
> == Marketing ==
> 1. End-user release notes with screenshots of all new features
>    (?)

Still todo. Yesterday, Manusheel expressed interest in working on this.

These notes are a marketing tool than a real necessity, so they're not
blocking release.

> 2. Reorganize home page with end-users information, folding all
>    development details into a subpage
>    (dfarning)


> 3. Create Dextrose logo (same font of Sugar, green + white color pair)
>    (bernie?)


> 4. Update olpc-bootanim with "Dextrose 1" on top, remove scary UL signs
>    on shutdown
>    (bernie)

Todo. Hopefully I'll be able to do it this week-end.

> == Testing ==
> 1. Test in 6th grade Daniel Ortellado
>    (bernie + tch)

Done. All the bugs I found in the field are filed in the Sugar Labs' bug
tracker, marked with the "dextrose" keyword. I added a page in Trac's
wiki summarizing the current status:


Note: as I'm very busy with field testing and bug fixing, I don't have
much time for trac gardening. Some tickets may be outdated and many
older tickets related to Dextrose may not be flagged with the "dextrose"
keyword yet.

See also: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/wiki/ReportedByBernie

> 2. Test in 5th grade Teniente Farina
>    (bernie + tch)

Started on Wednesday, although in Daniel Ortellado instead of Teniente
Farina. I'm going to Caacupe today to collect feedback from both the 5th
and 6th grade testers.

> 3. Test in PyEdu
>    (martin_o)

I gave the latest image to Jorge on Wednesday, but I don't know if it
was tested by anyone in the office.

> 4. Review bug reports from Uruguay
>    (d_castelo + esteban)


> 5. Review customization requests from Nepal
>    (bernie)

No longer needed, it seems that Nepal won't be upgrading their machines
anytime soon.

> == Roadmap ==
> 1. Update milestones for Dextrose 1 to release on Aug 20th
>    (bernie)

Done. To clarify: I'll roll RC images next Monday (Aug 15) and Tincho
will hand them to Quanta on Aug 20 to preload them on the XO-1.5 units
that will be shipped in October.

If everything goes smoothly, the RC images should become the release
with no further changes. Changing things without repeating classroom
testing is risky, so we'll do it only in case of a real emergency.

> 2. Finalize release dates and goals for Uruguay
>    (d_castelo, esteban)

We'll work on this together next week from Montevideo.

> 3. Reorganize and prioritize the list of long-term goals for Dextrose 2:
>    http://codewiz.org/wiki/sugar-critical-goals
>    (dfarning?)


> 4. Find someone to take over project management duties from Oct 1st.
>    (dfarning)

Me and David should spend some time together this week-end to discuss
all the gory details.

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