[Dextrose] Review process

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Aug 6 11:13:59 EDT 2010

This is how we agreed to work on IRC:

== Commit rules ==

1) all developers have commit access to the git repo and rpm repo

2) new patches should not be pushed until they have been ack'd

3) any Dextrose developer can formally approve (ack) patches sent by
others. In the future we'll restrict this to a smaller group of senior

4) it's ok to push changes affecting exclusively one deployment (like,
for example, changes to an ini file)

5) for maximum flexibility, deployments are encouraged to create a clone
of the main repo and publish it on Gitorious alongside the international
one (dextrose-py, dextrose-uy...)

== Notes ==

* The goal of this work-flow is to improve the scalability, not impede
work or add overhead. If we find that it slows us down too much, we'll
rethink it.

* Diffs of diffs are hard to read. Please post plain patches (i.e. what
would be applied to Sugar), not the commit diff containing the patch and
the spec file changes.

* Posting patches as attachment makes them hard to review. Please, post
them inline (git send-email is your friend)

* Patches that are not yet upstream-ready are acceptable in some cases,
but we should strive to merge all our patches upstream.

* Please write clear and complete changelogs explaining what the patch
does and why it is needed. Link it to upstream bugs when they exist.

Can someone please wikify this, along with Gary's guidelines for filing

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