[Sugar-news] Sugar Digest 2009-05-27

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Wed May 27 13:53:31 EDT 2009

===Sugar Digest ===

1. Between yesterday's announcement of a major new deployment in
Australia (Sugar running on the OLPC XO-1) to a flurry of
smaller-scale, grassroots Sugar on a Stick deployments to the pick-up
of Sugar by most of the upstream Linux distributions to the growing
volume of discussion about pedagogy on the mailing lists and in the
chatrooms, it is readily apparent that Sugar and the Sugar community
are growing in both size and stability. Thank you.

2. Hablamos español. The Sugar Digest is being translated into Spanish.

===Help Wanted===

3. But there is more to do. We especially need your Sugar stories to
communicate both our successes and areas where we need to do better.
Please add your blog to our planet [http://planter.sugarlabs.org] and
your videos to our Dailymotion channel

Other ways to get involved are described in the wiki.

4. David Van Assche suggested that "it would be nice if we had an
activitiy matrix that showed the stages of projects." Gary Martin
pointed out that the Activity Team has "been making contact with past
authors, slowly, slowly we're moving along even if it means adopting
extra activities ourselves." It would be great to accelerate this
process as there is growing demand for Sugar activities. Please
contact the Activity Team if you are interested in adopting an
orphaned activity.

5. Marten Vihn has begun setting up some mirrors for Sugar Labs

6. We are looking for help in the continued development of Sugarbot
(See [http://code.google.com/p/sugarbot/wiki/HowDoesSugarbotWork]).
Contact Bernie Innocenti if you are interested in getting involved.

===In the community===

7. Inspired by the Paris Sugar Camp, Marten would like to make place
for OLPC/Sugar at OpenCommunityCamp  [http://opencommunitycamp.org].
The Camp will be held from 26 July through 2 August in the Netherlands
(near Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam).

===Tech Talk===

8. Sebastian Dziallas has created a new
Sugar-on-a-Stick snapshot] for you. It incorporates the latest
packages from the upcoming F11 release as well as some additional

9. Simon Schampijer is planning to iterate over the Sugar 0.86 Roadmap
[[Development_Team/Release/Roadmap/0.86#Proposal_Goals]] at this
week's developers meeting (Thursday at 16:00 UTC).

10. Sayamindu Dasgupta has been "revisiting" the topic of replacing
Matchbox with Metacity, a more standard window manager. He has created
an ISO image] in which Sugar uses an unmodified Metacity
The image also has the Gimp, xterm and gcalctool so that you can test
how Metacity treats those applications normally, while Sugar
activities still use the entire screen.

11. Michael Stone reports "a small victory": he worked out
instructions that enabled him to run the Ubuntu Jaunty Sugar packages
in a debootstrap chroot on my home machine
[[[[Development_Team/Chroot]]. Michael's recommendation for a weekend
project for someone:
* make the instructions work on more platforms
* figure out how to cache the downloads, e.g. with approx
* bake his logic into a downloadable script or makefile

===Sugar Labs ===

12. Gary Martin has generated a SOM from the past week of discussion
on the IAEP mailing list (Please see


Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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