[Bugs] #4976 Physics UNSP: Physics 26 & 31 fail to start in SoaS 26 alpha

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#4976: Physics 26 & 31 fail to start in SoaS 26 alpha
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Comment (by quozl):

 Thanks for testing the search path fix.  I agree, it doesn't fix this
 problem.  I tested in Fedora 25.

 In Physics activity file tools.py, please try changing



 sys.path.insert(0, 'lib')

 and incidentally remove

 # If your architecture is different, comment these lines and install
 # the modules in your system.

 After installing Physics-31 as a bundle, and applying this change, it
 works for me on Fedora 25.  Let me know your test result.

 This change isn't necessarily a fix for Fedora downstream however, since
 it preferences the Box2D sources inside the Physics bundle, which the
 Fedora packaging strips.

 The cause of the Physics-31 bundle not running on Fedora is likely to be
 developers testing using sugar-build only, instead of native sugar.  In
 the sugar-build emulator, the paths are changed to preference the chroot,
 so this problem would have been hidden.

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