[Bugs] #4951 Sugar LOW: Email notification test, please disregard

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Wed Mar 9 02:06:38 EST 2016

#4951: Email notification test, please disregard
  Reporter:  SAMdroid     |            Owner:
      Type:  defect       |           Status:  closed
  Priority:  Low          |        Milestone:  Unspecified
 Component:  Sugar        |          Version:  Unspecified
  Severity:  Trivial      |       Resolution:  fixed
  Keywords:               |  Distribution/OS:  Unspecified
Bug Status:  Unconfirmed  |
Changes (by SAMdroid):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => fixed


 Email notifications now are fixed.  If you are struggling with signing up
 due to trac not emailing you, please go and reset your password now as the
 emails now work correctly.


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