[Bugs] #4955 activities.sugarlabs.org LOW: Add runs-standalone boolean to activity.info files

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Wed Apr 6 17:39:58 EDT 2016

#4955: Add runs-standalone boolean to activity.info files
  Reporter:  davelab6                  |            Owner:
      Type:  enhancement               |           Status:  new
  Priority:  Low                       |        Milestone:  Unspecified
 Component:  activities.sugarlabs.org  |          Version:  Git as of
                                       |  bugdate
  Severity:  Minor                     |       Resolution:
  Keywords:                            |  Distribution/OS:
Bug Status:  New                       |

Comment (by quozl):

 Properly listing dependencies, with the default being "Sugar", should be

 See also:
  * https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/Activity.info (adding of the
 repository and other keys, an out of date feature page),
 (does not have the recently added repository key)

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