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#4907: File transfer shows empathy popup
  Reporter:  SAMdroid     |            Owner:
      Type:  defect       |           Status:  new
  Priority:  High         |        Milestone:  Unspecified
 Component:  Sugar        |          Version:  Git as of bugdate
  Severity:  Major        |       Resolution:
  Keywords:               |  Distribution/OS:  Fedora
Bug Status:  Unconfirmed  |

Comment (by SAMdroid):

 Hum, setting the prefered handler seems to help.  It seems to pop up with
 the sugar notification first if sugar is the prefered handler, but the
 filechooser still shows.

 I think that we need a channel approver [1].  It offers an interface to
 say who should handle each channel [2].  It also says in the teleapthy

 >  It is very rare that you will need to implement an Approver, in general
 the Approver will be provided by your '''desktop environment'''.

 [1]  http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/doc/book/sect.channel-
 [2]  http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/spec/Channel_Dispatch_Operation.html

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