[Bugs] #4547 Sugar URGE: OSK doesn't appeares when switched to tablet mode from laptop mode

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#4547: OSK doesn't appeares when switched to tablet mode from laptop mode
  Reporter:  DeepakMuddha  |            Owner:  walter
      Type:  defect        |           Status:  new
  Priority:  Urgent        |        Milestone:  Unspecified
 Component:  Sugar         |          Version:  Unspecified
  Severity:  Major         |       Resolution:
  Keywords:  AU1C          |  Distribution/OS:  Unspecified
Bug Status:  Assigned      |

Comment (by samsongoddy):

 Hello Walter Bender, actually i  fix the OSK problem in my xo-4 touch, we
 all know that the OSK was in Arabic language which we were discussing last
 week @IRC. So this Monday i was chatting with with tch, bernie and gonzalo
 about the OSK problem, so tch gave me a site to go fix the problem. So i
 downloaded the maliit-plugins-0.94.2-2.olpcau.fc18.armv7hl from the
 harvest site.

 So i did some cross checking in my system file. So i wanted to install the
 plugin using the RPM package but it was not working, so i use another
 method to check the file with the archive manager so i  went to
 /usr/share/maliit/plugins/language/ and find the en_gb.xml which is not in
 the system file. So i copied the language to the system
 /usr/share/maliit/plugins/language/ that's the first step i did. After
 that i check the software /usr/bin/ and i find two files which are maliit-
 keyboard-viewer and maliit-keyboard-benchmark the both files are 15.1 MB
 both i  check the system files and the both plugins was less than that. So
 i use the sudo rm /usr/bin/  maliit-keyboard-viewer and maliit-keyboard-
 benchmark then i replace it with the software sudo cp /usr/bin/ from the
 maliit-plugins-0.94.2-2.olpcau.fc18.armv7hl. There were also some files
 like  __init__.pyc, model.pyc and view.pyc missing in the system folder.
 So that how i solved the problem and it working perfectly

 Samson Goddy

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