[Bugs] #4760 sugar-web IMME: All Web Activities crash on 0.102

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Wed Apr 9 09:39:28 EDT 2014

#4760: All Web Activities crash on 0.102
  Reporter:  SAMdroid     |            Owner:
      Type:  defect       |           Status:  new
  Priority:  Immediate    |        Milestone:  0.102.0
 Component:  sugar-web    |          Version:
  Severity:  Unspecified  |       Resolution:
  Keywords:               |  Distribution/OS:  OLPC
Bug Status:  New          |

Comment (by godiard):

 The error happen in sugar-build if webkit1 backend is used.

 This is very strange:

 If I revert (in sugar-toolkit-gtk3) the commit
 the activity starts, but show a error:
 "Problem occurred while loading the URL
 Cannot connect to destination (
 [Try again]"

 If I point to that url using Chrome outside of sugar, can see the web
 but not using Browse in sugar. If I point to using Browse, can see the activity too.

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