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#4449: "Spanish" not translated in My Settings language section
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Comment(by cjl):

 - Original: the language / country names parsed from 'locale -av' command

 If I understand correctly, to address this, it looks like we would need to
 touch many glibc locales, not an easy task, but things have gotten better
 there since Ulrich Drepper moved on.  I've been making some in-roads with
 the glibc community and have even been granted commit priv. for my work on

 - ISO 639: using gettext, the language is get from ISO 639. this is what
 Sugar does currently
 - ISO 639-3: also using gettext, but the language is get from ISO 639-3

 These PO files are hosted by the Translation Project, (also started by
 Ulrich Drepper).


 It is a somewhat closed-off community, my interactions with them have been
 more limited.  They host a lot of packages used by Sugar (see the lines
 starting with TP here as an example:

 In general, the ISO PO files are in pretty good shape for major languages,
 but there are glaring omissions in some and unfortunately the TP does not
 have as wide an array of language projects as would be ideal.  Many of
 these packages are hosted in duplicate in places like LaunchPad, possibly
 because the Translate Project refuses to employ a modern translation
 hosting infrastructure / workflow and still operates by "complete the PO
 and mail it in" process.

 Please let me know if there is something in particular you would like me
 to investigate.

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