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#3890: Style subtoolbar background
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 We have a Gtk.Toolbar inside a Gtk.Alignment inside a Gtk.EventBox (see
 toolbarbox.py embed_page function).  The Gtk.Toolbar gets the correct
 color, but not the area around.  One solution is modify the EventBox

 --- a/src/sugar3/graphics/toolbarbox.py
 +++ b/src/sugar3/graphics/toolbarbox.py
 @@ -270,6 +270,8 @@ class _Box(Gtk.EventBox):
          self._toolbar_button = toolbar_button
 +        self.modify_bg(Gtk.StateType.NORMAL,
 +                       style.COLOR_TOOLBAR_GREY.get_gdk_color())

      def do_draw(self, cr):
          button_alloc = self._toolbar_button.get_allocation()

 That is close to a solution, but also the background should be modified to
 black when the toolitem is hovered.

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