[Bugs] #3221 UNSP: GTK3 sugar port should include ATK/at-spi accessibility support

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#3221: GTK3 sugar port should include ATK/at-spi accessibility support
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 With the removal of Hippocanvas, we should make sure that Sugar properly
 exposes and incorporates the ATK accessibility API, or something else
 which goes back to at-spi.

 For example, it may be desirable or necessary in activities to provide a
 more descriptive accessibility hint of what a button does.  And due to
 layout issues it may be necessary to describe what an icon does, because
 it looks like it has no tooltip to the underlying system.

 We also should include a control in Sugar's control panel to
 enable/disable the accessibility API similar to what GNOME does.

 Not only will this allow screen readers, etc., to use Sugar, but it will
 also make automated testing of Sugar easier.  If we choose to do this
 after the GTK3 port, retrofitting Activities may be harder than
 encouraging them to do it as part of it.

 The GNOME Accessibility Developers Guide can be found at

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