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#3178: invalid-lc-messages-dir
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Comment(by cjl):

 You have arrived at the proper resolution for the packaging issue.

 The Songhay languages:

 were established on our Pootle server when we took on hosting of AbiWord,
 including those languages previously hosted by the African Localization
 project (AnLoc).

 We have been fortunate that the Songhay localizer has done some additional
 work on Sugar L10n besides AbiWord.  Given the distribution of this
 language group (Mali, Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria) it is certainly
 of interest, but it can be expected that it will be slow to develop to
 completion.  Upstreaming a glibc locale will eventually be needed, but in
 the meantime, it is another situation where our L10n efforts lead the
 upstream in minority languages.

 This is both good news in that we are creating an entry point for native
 language computing in this language and bad news in that it's upstream
 support has not caught up with these embryonic efforts.

 I completely agree with your pragmatic approach and appreciate your
 understanding of why these situations occur.

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