[Bugs] #2869 UNSP: Radio/wireless control should interact with rfkill

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Wed May 25 11:57:06 EDT 2011

#2869: Radio/wireless control should interact with rfkill
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 sugar-0.84 included code to make the "Radio" checkbox in the Network
 control panel interact with the rfkill command. This allowed for extra
 power saving on OLPC.

 Looks like this code never went forward into master (sorry about that -
 wasn't me!). It would be nice to have the functionality back.

 In addition to enabling rfkill, it should create a marker file (e.g.
 $HOME/.rfkill_block_wifi) so that init scripts can reinforce that choice
 on next boot.

 At the same time, it is probably worth revisiting the "Extreme power
 management" option in the power control panel; this option is supposed to
 disable the wireless radio by calling into ohm. ohm is a pretty dead

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