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#2826: Funding request: Sugar Labs banners for EduJam
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 == What is being purchased? ==
 1 Sugar Labs banner, 2.0m x 0.80m, with stand

 Design: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Marketing_Team/Booth_Banners

 == Why does this purchase benefit the operations of Sugar Labs? ==
 We'll display the banner at EduJam

 == Who will be responsible for the item? ==
 Pablo Flores will purchase it, then I'll take it back to Boston, if

 == How much will it cost? ==
 130 USD.

 == What other options were evaluated for purchase? ==
 None, I trusted Pablo's judgement.

 == What were the criteria or features you needed? ==
 Hanging banners were not possible, so we went for a standing one.

 == What deadlines are associated with this request? ==
 We need it done in 2 days for EduJam.

 == Other notes? ==
 Pablo has probably already spent the money. If the board is unable to
 approve this request in time, I'll reimburse him out of my pocket.

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