[Bugs] #3194 HIGH: Software update can cause appearance of system freeze

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Sat Dec 10 06:21:00 EST 2011

#3194: Software update can cause appearance of system freeze
    Reporter:  dfarning  |          Owner:  ajay_garg                  
        Type:  defect    |         Status:  assigned                   
    Priority:  High      |      Milestone:  Unspecified by Release Team
   Component:  Dextrose  |        Version:  Unspecified                
    Severity:  Major     |       Keywords:  DX3 QA                     
Distribution:  Dextrose  |   Status_field:  Assigned                   

Comment(by ajay_garg):

 The patch "0001-sl-3195-Same-behaviour-of-cancel-buttons-in-
 Software.patch" (ticket sl#3195), along with "0002-sl-3194-Notify-user-of-
 connection-not-available-in-S.patch", can be tested as follows ::

 a. Disconnect any network.

 b. Go to Software-Update.

 c. Since the network is not outright available, the message "Cannot check
 for updates. Please
     check your internet connection, and try running Software Update again"
 will appear.
     Now, the only way to restart the operation is that user goes out, and
 re-enters the Software-
     Update section.

 d. Come out of the Software-Update section.

 e. Connect to the network.

 f. Go to Software-Update.

 g. Now, the "Checking for updates" message should appear, and operation
 should proceed.

 h. If "Cancel" is clicked anytime, it will have the same effect, as the
 "X" button on the toolbar (in this case, exit from the section-view).

 i. One particular use-case -- if the network is available at the start,
 but goes out midway, then the user will be stuck at "Checking for updates"
 message. Following two things may then happen ::

     (i) network returns after some time -- Then, the operation WILL
 proceed to completion (confirmed by testing).

     (ii) network does not return -- The same message "Checking for
 updates" will continue to be seen. User may exit (by clicking "cancel", or

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