[Bugs] #2327 NORM: Datastore: Add constants to the width and height from preview image

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Tue Sep 14 13:18:00 EDT 2010

#2327: Datastore: Add constants to the width and height from preview image
    Reporter:  godiard          |          Owner:  godiard    
        Type:  defect           |         Status:  new        
    Priority:  Normal           |      Milestone:  0.92       
   Component:  sugar-datastore  |        Version:  Unspecified
    Severity:  Minor            |       Keywords:             
Distribution:  Unspecified      |   Status_field:  New        
 In the code there are many places where is generated a image for the
 preview, in all there are numbers for the width and height.
 sugar/extensions/globalkey/screenshot.py:          preview =
 screenshot.scale_simple(style.zoom(300), style.zoom(225),
 sugar/src/jarabe/desktop/favoriteslayout.py:       if d < 225:
 sugar-presence-service/config.log:configure:2258:  result: /usr/bin/python
 sugar-toolkit/src/sugar/datastore/datastore.py:    'preview':
 ByteArray(png file data, 300x225 px)
 sugar-toolkit/src/sugar/activity/activity.py:      binary content of a png
 image with a width of 300 and a height of 225
 sugar-toolkit/src/sugar/activity/activity.py:      pixbuf =
 pixbuf.scale_simple(style.zoom(300), style.zoom(225),
 write/AbiWordActivity.py:                          pixbuf =
 pixbuf.scale_simple(style.zoom(300), style.zoom(225),
 browse/downloadmanager.py:                         preview_width,
 preview_height = style.zoom(300), style.zoom(225)

 We must add constants and change the code where must be used.
 I can't do now because 0.90 it's freezed.

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