[Bugs] #2217 UNSP: Sugar unusable: The name org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Connection.salut.local_xmpp.Sascha_20Silbe was not provided by any .service files

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Thu Sep 9 05:33:24 EDT 2010

#2217: Sugar unusable: The name
org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Connection.salut.local_xmpp.Sascha_20Silbe was
not provided by any .service files
    Reporter:  sascha_silbe               |          Owner:  tomeu            
        Type:  defect                     |         Status:  new              
    Priority:  Unspecified by Maintainer  |      Milestone:  0.90             
   Component:  sugar                      |        Version:  Git as of bugdate
    Severity:  Blocker                    |       Keywords:                   
Distribution:                             |   Status_field:  New              

Comment(by tomeu):

 Replying to [comment:2 sascha_silbe]:
 > Replying to [comment:1 tomeu]:
 > > About Sugar not finding dbus services, we should do the usual dbus
 debugging dance and find out of the services are auto-starting correctly,
 if are not crashing, if dbus policy is not forbidding access, etc
 > It seems telepathy-salut is dying right on startup, though without
 timestamps in telepathy-salut.log I can't be sure:
 > {{{
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): tp-glib/connection-DEBUG:
 tp_base_connection_register: bus name
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): tp-glib/connection-DEBUG:
 tp_base_connection_register: object path
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): tp-glib/presence-DEBUG:
 tp_presence_mixin_get_simple_presence_dbus_property: called.
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): tp-glib/presence-DEBUG: check_status_available:
 requested status offline is not available
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): tp-glib/connection-DEBUG:
 tp_presence_mixin_get_contacts_dbus_property: called.
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): tp-glib/presence-DEBUG:
 tp_presence_mixin_simple_presence_set_presence: called.
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): tp-glib/presence-DEBUG: check_for_status: Found
 status "available", checking if it's available...
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): tp-glib/connection-DEBUG:
 tp_base_connection_change_status: was 4294967295, now 2, for reason 2
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): tp-glib/connection-DEBUG:
 tp_base_connection_change_status: emitting status-changed to 2, for reason
 > (telepathy-salut:14957): salut-DEBUG: salut_im_factory_close_all:
 closing channels
 > }}}

 status 2 for reason 2 means disconnected because of network error, most
 likely because avahi-daemon is not running


 > > Are you having any other dbus trouble in that particular environment?
 > No trouble, but there's no system bus running (chroot) so Network
 Manager etc. will be unavailable. Also avahi-daemon isn't running for the
 same reason (chroot). If Salut doesn't work without those services, that's
 fine, but it shouldn't break Sugar.

 Yup, there's definitely something to fix in Sugar. Should be able to
 easily reproduce it here.

 > telepathy-gabble is dying for unknown reasons as well, BTW:
 > {{{
 > (process:14904): tp-glib/proxy-DEBUG: tp_proxy_dispose: 0x1dcd060
 > (process:14904): tp-glib/proxy-DEBUG: tp_proxy_invalidate: 0x1dcd060:
 Proxy unreferenced
 > (process:14904): tp-glib/proxy-DEBUG: tp_proxy_finalize: 0x1dcd060
 > (process:14904): gabble-DEBUG: gabble_plugin_loader_probe: probing
 > ** (process:14904): DEBUG: gabble_plugin_create: loaded
 > (process:14904): gabble-DEBUG: plugin_loader_try_to_load: loaded
 'Gateway registration plugin' version 0.9.17 (/home/sascha.silbe/sugar-
 jhbuild/install/lib64/telepathy/gabble-0/gateways.so), implementing these
 sidecars: org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Gabble.Plugin.Gateways
 > (telepathy-gabble:14904): tp-glib-DEBUG: started version 0.9.17
 (telepathy-glib version 0.11.14)
 > (telepathy-gabble:14904): tp-glib/params-DEBUG:
 tp_base_protocol_sanitize_parameters: using specified value for account
 > (telepathy-gabble:14904): tp-glib/params-DEBUG:
 tp_base_protocol_sanitize_parameters: using specified value for password
 > (telepathy-gabble:14904): tp-glib/params-DEBUG:
 tp_base_protocol_sanitize_parameters: parameter server rejected by filter

 Can you check what value has the server parameter in ~/.mission-
 control/accounts/accounts.cfg or ~/.sugar/default/accounts/accounts.cfg ?

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