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#2087: [Enhancement] Protected Activities
    Reporter:  tch                        |          Owner:  kandarpk                   
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Comment(by garycmartin):

 Replying to [comment:12 dsd]:
 > When I saw this idea originally I didn't like it, but I've now warmed up
 to it.

 Yes, same here.

 > The ideal solution needs to:
 >  1. Allow the deployment to prevent deletion of a specific set of
 activities - the ones that are covered in teacher training, the ones that
 lesson plans are provided for, etc.
 >  2. Not hinder the user's ability to download additional activities, and
 delete them at their will

 ... my fav is the no 3. Allow user to upgrade a locked activity to a new
 release when it is made available.

 > As far as I can see, the only pending task is to get a comment from the
 design team about hiding or greying out the option. As they are responsive
 and it isn't a big decision, this should only require a couple of quick

 FWIW I don't see a strong case, actually to be honest I don't really like
 the hidden vs. greyed out design we have now, seems a fairly meangless and
 arbetairy distinction that is perhaps only sane in a thin client setup.
 Just greying out in all cases would seem to be the simple choice and keep
 the menus consistent. Anyway, given the fairly weak case, if the activity
 is installed in ~\Activities, the erase item should be shown but greyed
 out, as technically it is in the users home and they could just go edit
 the protected list and then erase the file anyway.

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