[Bugs] #1244 URGE: Record 64 does not record sound

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#1244: Record 64 does not record sound
    Reporter:  mavrothal  |          Owner:  alsroot 
        Type:  defect     |         Status:  reopened
    Priority:  Urgent     |      Milestone:  0.84    
   Component:  Record     |        Version:  0.84.x  
    Severity:  Blocker    |     Resolution:          
    Keywords:             |   Distribution:  OLPC    
Status_field:  Needinfo   |  

Comment(by alsroot):

 Replying to [comment:28 bernie]:
 > Teacher trainers have been complaining very loudly for the audio
 recording function in Record. I don't know what it is being used for, but
 it seems very important to them. This rules out (1).
 > As for (2), I guess it would be good to perform audio and video encoding
 in the same way, to share the same bugs.

 I'm afraid that (2) could only add new bugs.

 > I don't know the technical details of (3): how would it solve this bug?

 It will be

 * do not restart v4l on every action in Record (start/stop capture/view)

 * camerabin will make internal switches to make view-to-capture phases
 smoother e.g. video output won't blink and will show current v4l output
 all time

 * camerabin doesn't support two-phases encoding like Record does for video
 capturing, but I tested speex codec on XO and one phase encoding works
 fine thus we can remove IO traffic when we had to save raw sound then
 encode it then copy video from one place to another.

 * while coding last gst related refactoring, I didn't have XO. For now,
 I'm planing to implement special mode for restricted systems to remove
 redundant modes(e.g. video quality) and some gst filters like videoscale

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