[Bugs] #1875 NORM: OLPC-Write Activity – Unexpected” behavior of “Hershey- Gothic font styles

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#1875: OLPC-Write Activity – Unexpected” behavior of “Hershey- Gothic font styles
    Reporter:  hiruni                                             |          Owner:                             
        Type:  defect                                             |         Status:  new                        
    Priority:  normal                                             |      Milestone:  Unspecified by Release Team
   Component:  Write                                              |        Version:  0.84.x                     
    Severity:  Minor                                              |       Keywords:  OS115                      
Distribution:  Other (name your distribution in the description)  |   Status_field:  New                        

 After applying the “Hershey- Gothic” styles to text, be the cursor cannot
 moved with arrow keys. So when the alignment of cursor changed to right
 and press the enter the text is repeatedly paste over and over again. And
 also when the alignment changes the text is overwritten again.

 '''Step to recreate the defect:'''
 1.      Power on OLPC
 2.      Click on the write activity icon on home page.
 3.      Click on the text Tab.
 4.      Type a word and select it.
 5.      Apply one of the “Hershey- Gothic” styles in text tab.

 Issue 1 –
 6.      Move cursor to right.
 7.      Press enter.

 Issue 2 –
                     6.  Change alignment to left, center, right and

 Issue 3 –
                      6.  Again apply the “Hershey- Gothic” styles   one by
                      7.  After that apply the next style available

 '''Actual Result:'''
 Result 1- The repetition of text which is applied “Hershey- Gothic” font
                            is displayed

 Result 2- The text is overwritten when the alignment is changed

 Result 3 – When the text is applied with “Hershey- Gothic” styles they are
 overwritten and when the “KacstArt” is applied the text is displayed in a
 new line

 '''Expected Result:'''

                  Result 1- When the enter button is pressed the cursor
 should be moved to the next
                                 Line without repeating the text or without
 display damaged text.

                  Result 2 – The text should be aligned properly without

 Result 3 -   When user changes the font style text should change based on
 the selected font styles without overwritten or without display in a new

 '''Tested Environment'''
 OS Build: OS 115
 Machine Type: XO 1.5
 Firmware: Q3A35
 Security Disable:
 Ethernet USB:
 Sugar Version

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