[Bugs] #1244 UNSP: Record 64 does not record sound

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Wed Mar 17 10:25:25 EDT 2010

#1244: Record 64 does not record sound
    Reporter:  mavrothal                  |          Owner:  alsroot                    
        Type:  defect                     |         Status:  reopened                   
    Priority:  Unspecified by Maintainer  |      Milestone:  Unspecified by Release Team
   Component:  Record                     |        Version:  0.84.x                     
    Severity:  Blocker                    |     Resolution:                             
    Keywords:                             |   Distribution:  OLPC                       
Status_field:  Needinfo                   |  

Comment(by bernie):

 Transcription from #fedora-desktop on GIMPNet:

 <bernie> Company: hello, I have a gstreamer bug on F11, can you help me
 <bernie> Company: this command line works fine in F-12, results in "jerky"
 sound on F-11:
 <bernie> gst-launch-0.10 alsasrc ! audio/x-raw-
 int,rate=16000,channels=1,depth=16 ! wavenc ! decodebin ! autoaudiosink
 <hadess> bernie: F11 is quite old, and soon won't be supported, F-12 has
 updated gstreamer packages
 <bernie> hadess: shall I try to backport the version in F12 to F11 to see
 if it fixes my bug?
 <hadess> bernie: the kernel and pulseaudio might also be the cause of the
 <bernie> hadess: I can't upgrade, this is for OLPC. they are starting to
 deploy F11 next month or so :-)
 <hadess> bernie: so i'm not sure whether it's such a good use of your
 <hadess> right
 <hadess> trying the backporting then, and poke Company if it fixes it
 <bernie> hadess: OLPC froze on F11 way too early, now we're too close to
 deployment and can't rebase on F12 any more :-(
 <Company> bernie: i don't know anything about F11, so if you fix things
 i'm all for it :)
 <Company> otoh i'm not yet sure if stuff might break when you upgrade
 gstreamer to F12
 <Company> there's quite some versions inbetween and there might of course
 be litle nasties hidden
 <bernie> Company: :-/
 <bernie> Company: are you also an upstream gstreamer developer? do you
 remember fixing a bug like this?
 <Company> bernie: i'm getting back into upstream development, but i'm not
 up-to-date enough for knowing stuff like that
 <bernie> Company: ok, I'm building a backported gstreamer package in koji
 for testing: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=2058830

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