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#1652: Add Connection Information to 3G (GSM) Modem Support
    Reporter:  Dcastelo             |          Owner:  Dcastelo         
        Type:  enhancement          |         Status:  reopened         
    Priority:  Urgent               |      Milestone:  0.88             
   Component:  sugar                |        Version:  Git as of bugdate
    Severity:  Major                |     Resolution:                   
    Keywords:  3G GSM modem usb r?  |   Distribution:  Fedora           
Status_field:  Assigned             |  

Comment(by tomeu):

 Replying to [comment:8 Dcastelo]:
 > I could fix some points. But I had problems with two of them:
 > + "Ideally, this timeout would be only active while the palette is
 visible and the palette would update its stats on popup (there's a signal
 for that)"

 I don't think this is so much of a problem, because affects only to people
 who are connected to the 3g network (that's why I said "ideally").

 > I remove the time handler at the same moment that hide the palette:
 >     if self._connection_time_handler is not None:
 >         gobject.source_remove(self._connection_time_handler)
 >     self._palette.info_box.hide()

 Best is to listen to the "popup" signal in the palette. For examples grep
 the code like this: "grep -R connect src | grep popdown"

 > And I add the handler when I show it:
 > self._connection_time_handler = gobject.timeout_add(1000...

 This could be better done by listening to the "popup" signal in the
 palette, similar to above.

 > +  self._palette._conn_time_label.set_text(_("Connection time ") +
 connection_time.strftime('%H : %M : %S'))
 > Guess that the time format should be translatable, to account for
 different formats across countries
 > I don't know the way to make this, but the connection time depends on
 the country? Because it isn't a "normal" date.

 I also don't know, can you ask Sayamindu and/or the localization mailing
 lists? Maybe the time format is the same in all countries, not sure.

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