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#1718: Cannot see who submitted suggestions
    Reporter:  anderson861                |          Owner:  sayamindu                  
        Type:  defect                     |         Status:  new                        
    Priority:  Unspecified by Maintainer  |      Milestone:  Unspecified by Release Team
   Component:  localization               |        Version:  Unspecified                
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Distribution:  Unspecified                |   Status_field:  Unconfirmed                

Comment(by cjl):

 I have done some further investigation and it looks like many of the
 suggestions on the lang-mn etoys project are from a user:versionmerge.
 This is not a registered Pootle user on our server, so I have a theory
 that these are suggestions that pre-existed the migration from Pootle 1.2
 to Pootle 2.0 (Sugar Labs / OLPC server was migrated recently).  It is
 possible that the migration process lost some information about who made
 the suggestions, and the suggestor name has been substituted with
 user:versionmerge during the migration process.

 I'm not sure of this, but it is my current working theory.  I can see that
 on other projects, suggestions made since the migration do properly show
 the suggesting users identity.

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