[Bugs] #1719 UNSP: resume journal entry race may duplicate resumed activity id

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Wed Feb 10 01:55:35 EST 2010

#1719: resume journal entry race may duplicate resumed activity id
    Reporter:  quozl                      |          Owner:  tomeu                      
        Type:  defect                     |         Status:  new                        
    Priority:  Unspecified by Maintainer  |      Milestone:  Unspecified by Release Team
   Component:  sugar                      |        Version:  Unspecified                
    Severity:  Minor                      |       Keywords:                             
Distribution:  Unspecified                |   Status_field:  Unconfirmed                
 A race condition exists during the resume of a journal entry, which may
 result in two activity launches with the same activity id.

 If two button release events are received on the favorites view for an
 activity icon that has journal entries, and resume mode is true, then two
 attempts will be made to resume the journal entry.

 This is because the shell model list of activities is updated by the D-Bus
 NotifyLaunch signal, which will not have been processed by the time the
 second button release event is processed.

 This ticket based on static analysis of the code in HEAD of sugar and
 sugar-toolkit repositories.

 See also analysis of a 0.84 reproducible symptom on
 [http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/10016 dev.laptop.org #10016]

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