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Sun Aug 29 03:53:19 EDT 2010

#2257: os373pyg/XO-1. Wifi is always ON
    Reporter:  mavrothal                  |          Owner:  bernie                     
        Type:  defect                     |         Status:  new                        
    Priority:  Unspecified by Maintainer  |      Milestone:  Unspecified by Release Team
   Component:  Dextrose                   |        Version:  0.88.x                     
    Severity:  Unspecified                |       Keywords:  powerd / power management  
Distribution:  OLPC                       |   Status_field:  Unconfirmed                
 Clean os373pyg on XO-1 (G1G1). [[BR]]
 WiFi stays powered-up regardless of the Power CP settings in both Sugar
 and Gnome, and BTW the extreme power management check box, although
 clickable does not stick.
 I do not know if this is the expected/desired behavior, but should be some
 way for full suspend.
 The attached Power-logs, have messages and powerd.trace (with tracing
 turned on) from 4 settings of the Power control panel. default, PmanagON
 (power management box checked and reboot), PextrON (power management and
 extreme  boxes checked and reboot) and Gdefault  (default settings in
 Gnome). In all cases after reboot the XO was left to go through a cycle of
 inactivity and wakeup by user input followed by a cycle of power button
 suspend and wakeup.

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