[Bugs] #1630 MAJO: Support for mobile broadband provider database

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Fri Aug 27 12:31:53 EDT 2010

#1630: Support for mobile broadband provider database
    Reporter:  aa               |          Owner:  aa         
        Type:  enhancement      |         Status:  new        
    Priority:  major            |      Milestone:  0.90       
   Component:  python-xklavier  |        Version:  Unspecified
    Severity:  Minor            |       Keywords:  3g r!      
Distribution:  Unspecified      |   Status_field:  New        

Comment(by aa):

 Replying to [comment:15 tomeu]:
 > Please don't address review comments in a separate patch.

 There. Fixed that for you.

 > Removing from the queue because there's work going on about using a XDG
 spec to locate the files.

 Shouldn't that be part of a separate effort? I'm sure there will be other
 parts of Sugar that will need patching if we stop using the autofoo crap
 to locate files anyway, so it shouldn't be a blocker for this.

 Anyway, there's a line in the patch that still bugs me:

     LANG = locale.getdefaultlocale()[0][:2]

 That isn't guaranteed to work... I'm surely missing something obvious, but
 do you know a better way to get the current locale?

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