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Mon Aug 23 07:43:48 EDT 2010

#2225: sliderule should support more scales and combinations
    Reporter:  walter                     |          Owner:  walter                     
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 Tony Forster suggests:

 maybe the deeper thinking is in the pairings of the scales

 for example, L is more interesting paired with D  (log10)
 what is L and A?   (log100 ?)
 S and A?           (10*sin)^2  ?
 S and T            (artan(sin))  ?
 what do LL1 LL2 and LL3 do?

 so rather than giving fixed pairings, select 2 scales from a menu and only
 say what the result is for the more common pairings?

 on current displays
 A eg.  2+2=4 is equally 4-2=2
 C eg.  1.5x2=3 is equally 3/2=1.5
 CI eg. 1.2/4=0.3 is equally 3x4=12
 maybe both formulae should be displayed with 'or'?

 ps when changing the scales, the displayed formula and labels only change
 if you then move something, should change on changed scale

 (I am thinking that maybe we have all the rules on the screen, at the
 bottom, and you drag the ones you want to use up to the top. Buttons would
 be used to vary the formulae. - walter)

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