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#2171: FTBFS in sugar-jhbuild
    Reporter:  sascha_silbe               |          Owner:  walter                     
        Type:  defect                     |         Status:  closed                     
    Priority:  Unspecified by Maintainer  |      Milestone:  Unspecified by Release Team
   Component:  Turtleart                  |        Version:  Git as of bugdate          
    Severity:  Blocker                    |     Resolution:  fixed                      
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Status_field:  New                        |  

Comment(by sascha_silbe):

 Replying to [comment:1 walter]:

 > Regarding the name, I suppose it depends upon what you refer to as the
 name. Turtle Blocks is the "name" of the activity in Sugar for what used
 to be named Turtle Art. Its activity.info is unchanged:
 > [Activity]
 > name = Turtle Art
 > activity_version = 94
 > license = MIT
 > bundle_id = org.laptop.TurtleArtActivity
 > exec = sugar-activity TurtleArtActivity.TurtleArtActivity
 > The name Turtle Blocks only appears in the en.po file:
 > #: activity/activity.info:2
 > msgid "Turtle Art"
 > msgstr "Turtle Blocks"

 That's rather confusing.

 > Turtle Art is the name of a new activity:
 > [Activity]
 > name = Turtle Art Mini
 > activity_version = 89
 > license = MIT
 > bundle_id = org.laptop.TurtleArtMiniActivity
 > exec = sugar-activity TurtleArtMiniActivity.TurtleArtMiniActivity
 > TurtleArtMini. The name Turtle Art only appears in the en.po file:
 > #: activity/activity.info:2
 > msgid "Turtle Art Mini"
 > msgstr "Turtle Art"

 Making it even more confusing.

 > I didn't change the name everywhere because (a) changing the bundle_id
 in Sugar would have broken too many things; and (b) I waned the users of
 the Python version to continue t get the same version when they updated.

 Unless I missed something, keeping the bundle_id but changing everything
 else (human-readable names, repository locations etc.) should achieve what
 you want.

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