[Bugs] #1610 NORM: Alternative to Create a new wireless network.

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Wed Aug 4 05:10:52 EDT 2010

#1610: Alternative to Create a new wireless network.
    Reporter:  reuben       |          Owner:  erikos  
        Type:  enhancement  |         Status:  assigned
    Priority:  Normal       |      Milestone:  0.90    
   Component:  sugar        |        Version:  0.84.x  
    Severity:  Unspecified  |       Keywords:  r!      
Distribution:  Unspecified  |   Status_field:  Assigned

Comment(by erikos):

 Tomeu, thanks for your comments.

 I think the first issue you are describing has nothing to do with the
 patch itself. When you use sugar-emulator and have nm-applet running at
 the same time they will interfere with each other. For example: You are
 connected to the wireless network X with nm-applet and try to connect to
 the wireless network Y in the sugar emulator: nm-applet will disconnect
 from it's previous connection.

 If now (with the patches applied), you have no wireless connection set in
 sugar (.sugar/X/nm/connections.cfg) after a timeout sugar will try to
 connect to an adhoc network, hence interrupt the open connection you had
 with nm-applet. As sugar and nm-applet are not synced for the connections
 this is what you will see.

 About the blocking of the UI: the dbus call you are mentioning that give
 out the error message is asynchronous actually, there are handlers
 specified. I will have a look why the error message gets called in the
 first place, not sure yet.

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