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#1007: Mesh icon to indicate network number
    Reporter:  Yamaplos                   |          Owner:  tomeu                      
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Comment(by Yamaplos):

 ugh! me noob.  I don't get half what y'all say, but that's OK as the risk
 of playing with the big boys.

 Yes, 1, 6, 11, and the user case is when the 3rd grade teacher tells her
 class will run on 6, because the 4th grade next door is running on 11.
 And please, no concentric circles, but good old fashioned numerals,
 different colors for state if y'all want.

 Now, if I get you right, mesh is going the way of the crank?
 "My understanding is that 0.82 was the last version of Sugar to create
 mesh networks?"

 uh, I never really cared for the silly, silly way the mesh was presented
 as the greatest thing OLPC was all about, but now that I am starting to
 get used to it, I sort of like it, and while some honest report on its
 limits would be a good thing (not "The teacher will be able to collaborate
 with all the children in a class using the mesh", as it is being sold),
 killing it outright would be a sad thing.  Yes, up to 3 kids several
 activities seem to work fine.

 As to using the frame, it has been reported that some SoaS users do not
 have a key to bring up the frame in their non-XO units.

 Anyway, IMHO the graphical view of the APs and mesh is a bit of an
 overkill, cute, but not really informative of what is going on, you just
 have to wait, Apple style, until the icon tells you you are in, but don't
 know what is going on during the handshaking process, and if you are not
 in, for a noob who knows it you go and erase network data before
 restarting...  But that's another issue, beyond just getting it easy to
 know which mesh channel you are in

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