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#1003: Chat Strawberry - Can't type in chat
    Reporter:  CarolineM                  |          Owner:  tomeu                      
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Comment(by garycmartin):

 Replying to [comment:2 CarolineM]:
 > Is this perhaps a UI bug? Should Chat tell you you aren't connected
 rather then just not letting you type?

 Chat does show a "you are connected" dialogue when you start sharing or
 resume a shared session, but I'm not sure how well or if it deals with
 negative network responses. Pretty tough problem, perhaps a grey
 "connecting..." text could be planted in the input field. With my
 developer hat on, I could end up trying to code an error dialogue after
 some N number of seconds saying "connection failed". Problem with this is
 picking a good N for slow network situations.

 Related story: The launching pulse animation for starting an Activity is
 dumb, dumb, dumb. It just plays for about ~20sec and then stops. If the
 Activity fails to launch the pulse animation doesn't know, and you can sit
 there for 20 sec watching it before being dumped back somewhere into Sugar
 and then looking for the crash log (if you know to look). If the Activity
 starts in 1sec the pulse animation carries on in the background for ~19sec
 burning CPU cycles, eating memory and making your first impression of the
 (otherwise fast launching) Activity sluggish. Oh the perils of timed

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