[Bugs] #342 UNSP: sugar-emulator: some keys (e.g. cursor keys) not working

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Fri Jun 26 20:41:11 EDT 2009

#342: sugar-emulator: some keys (e.g. cursor keys) not working
    Reporter:  sascha_silbe               |          Owner:  sascha_silbe               
        Type:  defect                     |         Status:  assigned                   
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   Component:  sugar-jhbuild              |        Version:  Git as of bugdate          
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Comment(by DanKrejsa):

 Hi Gary,
 I also saw the Up cursor key being interpreted as PrintScreen, but for me
 the 'xkbcomp $DISPLAY :100' command fixed that.  Evidently there are
 among distributions in this regard, even among Fedora distributions.

 Tomeu also mentioned that the xkbcomp command was failing (or at least
 emitting an ugly warning message) on a Ubuntu Intrepid.  So, the xkbcomp
 seems not to work in all cases. I guess it's at best another partial

 - Dan

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