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Sat Jun 20 18:33:22 EDT 2009

#607: Tracker for non-working Activities
    Reporter:  garycmartin  |          Owner:  sdz              
        Type:  defect       |         Status:  accepted         
    Priority:  High         |      Milestone:  soas_linuxtag    
   Component:  SoaS         |        Version:  Git as of bugdate
    Severity:  Blocker      |     Resolution:                   
    Keywords:               |   Distribution:  SoaS             
Status_field:  Assigned     |  

Comment(by garycmartin):

 Testing with Soas2-200906191638 (Mac under VM), here's just the main
 offenders ;-)

 Pippy-25 --> still version with bad UI layout
 Record-64 --> not working with build in camera, black feed (Mac iSight)
 JokeMachine-10 --> default screen size not adjusted for (UI layout to tall
 in 800x600)
 TamTamSynthLab-52 --> sporadic sound crunches, no useful audio
 TamTamMini-51 --> small blips of sound, no useful audio
 TamTamJam-52 --> very very faint first note of sound then nothing, no
 useful audio
 TamTamEdit-51 -->some faint clicks and bumps, no useful audio
 Develop-39 --> works but *very* small text font for editing source code
 Jigsaw Puzzle-7 --> default screen size not adjusted for (UI layout to
 tall in 800x600) some buttons off screen
 Speak-11 --> worked but often crashed with pcm_pulse.c:361: pulse_write:
 Assertion 'pcm->stream' failed.

 FWIW: Several of the MaMaMedia Activities had reasonably working sound
 (CartoonBuilder and StoryBuilder come to mind), and also Speak worked
 kind'a OK (but not great, slightly choppy), so the TamTam set seem to be
 behaving worse than others (or have much tougher needs to meet).

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