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#971: Global bookmarks in Browse
    Reporter:  erikos       |          Owner:  erikos  
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    Priority:  High         |      Milestone:  0.86    
   Component:  Browse       |        Version:  0.84.x  
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 Here is the previous discussion about them. Comment from Eben - mixed with
 offline bookmarks. (needed by SSB as well). Let the discussion start.

 I think this ticket could use a little clarification. We've talked about a
 variety of bookmark types, most notably session, global, and offline
 bookmarks. This ticket actually describes offline bookmarks, which I think
 are different from "global" ones, depending on how we define them. Here's
 what I think we actually want (please clarify or argue these definitions):

 Bookmark: A combination of the former definitions for both session and
 global bookmarks. When created, a thumbnail appears within the bookmarks
 tray, and is shared among activity participants. It's presence gets stored
 with the browse session for future reference. In addition, the bookmark
 gets added to the global bookmark list, though it's not directly exposed
 anywhere (and it does not get a Journal entry). As an entry in the global
 bookmark list, it will be available for autocompletion, and will show up
 in any future implementation of a bookmark/history browser (from within
 any browse session).

 Offline Bookmark: (Better phrasing welcome.) Offline bookmarks create a
 brand new Journal entry containing the cached page. Optionally, we could
 add settings to limit the size, compress or scale down images, skip
 embedded video, etc. But that's all in the details. The general goal is to
 provide a cached copy of the page which the kids can access later, while
 offline. Special handling of this form of entry will be required within
 Browse, so that it's made clear that the page is not live (and, in fact,
 its actual age is shown), and so that it's not possible to accidentally
 attempt to click a link and wind up losing the cached data. We can be
 smart about this. It seems that any offline bookmark should also get added
 to the list of global bookmarks, accessible from anywhere. A future
 bookmark/history browser could indicate which bookmarks are offline.

 To sum up, there are two types of bookmark, with separate purposes. One
 creates a session thumbnail and shares it, the other creates a private
 journal entry and caches it for offline viewing. Both types register the
 bookmark with the global registry so that a bookmark/history viewer can
 show them, and so that they are used for autocompletion purposes.

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