[Bugs] #840 NORM: Populate Journal with a handful of useful/exemplary items

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#840: Populate Journal with a handful of useful/exemplary items
    Reporter:  garycmartin  |          Owner:  sdz        
        Type:  enhancement  |         Status:  new        
    Priority:  Normal       |      Milestone:  0.86       
   Component:  SoaS         |        Version:  Unspecified
    Severity:  Major        |     Resolution:             
    Keywords:               |   Distribution:  SoaS       
Status_field:  New          |  

Comment(by garycmartin):

 I've just attached a straw-man test case using a cleaned up version of the
 map file south_america.pdf. Now the rough edges I see are all related to
 how easily sdz can add this to an existing Journal... Ideally I could zip
 up the _actual_ datastore data as this would 1) include 'user title'
 metadata (without this on first resume it prompts you to rename the entry,
 copy-to-journal does not support setting this field); 2) include a preview
 image of the entry, again no way with copy-to-journal to generate this,
 you have to resume 1 time for it to be populated by Sugar.

 Still, with the example copy-to-journal I give with the pdf, you get a
 nice title, resumes in Read nicely, full description (opening paragraph
 from wikipedia), and a tag list for almost all the text on the map (so you
 can search your Journal for "Montevideo" and this pdf will show up).

 I can kick out all other maps in an hour or so if folks agree this is a
 reasonable start.

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