[Bugs] #935 UNSP: Re-launching shared activities from the Journal does not Do The Right Thing

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#935: Re-launching shared activities from the Journal does not Do The Right Thing
    Reporter:  bemasc                     |          Owner:  tomeu                      
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 Case 1: Suppose user A starts an activity session, shares it with B, and
 then exits.  The shared session is still running, with B (and maybe other
 users), although because of of bug #943, A cannot see them in the
 Neighborhood View.  A now goes to the Journal, and re-launches the shared
 instance.  When the activity is initialized, Sugar tries to re-set the
 scope to shared... but it does not connect with the existing shared
 session!  Sugar should send the "joined" signal to indicate that it has
 connected to an existing shared session, but instead it sends the "shared"
 signal, which indicates that a new shared session is being started.  As a
 result, the initiator is now running a distinct, new shared session.

 Case 2: Suppose A starts an activity and shares it.  B joins, and then
 leaves.  A then leaves too, and the session disappears.  B, looking at her
 Journal, sees a saved session in A's colors.  If B re-launches the shared
 session, Sugar automatically causes it to be shared... but now it has A's
 colors, and so is not recognizable as the same session as before.

 There is exactly one case that does work:
 Case 3: A starts a shared session. B joins, then leaves, then decides to
 re-join again.  B re-launches from the Journal, and it automatically re-
 connects to the existing shared session.

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