[Bugs] #871 UNSP: Current sugar-jhbuild UI fails to adjust to dpi other than for fonts

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#871: Current sugar-jhbuild UI fails to adjust to dpi other than for fonts
    Reporter:  garycmartin                |          Owner:  tomeu                      
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Comment(by garycmartin):

 Just another data point here, I finally managed to build a booting Soas,
 and even more amazingly managed to boot it on a 1997 Del PC (266mhz, 128Mb
 ram, USB1)! It sure is slow, but it runs ;-) The font size seemed ok, but
 the general Sugar layout seemed a little small (home ring layout diameter
 only about 1/3 of full height, activity naming dialogues are 1/3 empty
 white space at the bottom, Journal detail view the same). This dell is
 plugged into an old 21" CRT:

 xdpyinfo | grep resolution
 resolution: 75x75 dots per inch

 xrandr | head -n 2
 Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1152 x 864, maximum 1152 x 864
 default connected 1152x864+0+0 0mm x 0mm

 Do you know what the design behaviour expectation is; that the UI layouts
 scale up to fill the available screen area, or that larger screens just
 display more open/empty space? I guess I'm currently looking at scaling=72
 on this screen (rather than the closer scaling=100 for the resolution). Is
 there a way for me to check what Sugar/Soas has chosen?

 Wondering, if the maths/logic is too non-obvious to automate, perhaps it's
 a candidate for a display settings control panel so that folks can adjust
 the scaling for their screen size?

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