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Mon Jun 1 13:16:31 EDT 2009

#890: No networking in latest snapshot
    Reporter:  erikos     |          Owner:  sdz          
        Type:  defect     |         Status:  closed       
    Priority:  Immediate  |      Milestone:  soas_linuxtag
   Component:  SoaS       |        Version:               
    Severity:  Blocker    |     Resolution:  fixed        
    Keywords:             |   Distribution:  SoaS         
Status_field:  Resolved   |  

Comment(by CarolineM):

 Should I be able to do this from my mac terminal?

 CarolineiMac:Desktop caroline$ sh boot-helper-creator.sh
 Soas2-200905311344.isoreadlink: illegal option -- f
 usage: readlink [-n] [file ...]
 mktemp: mkdtemp failed on /media/isotmp.W8ojBE: No such file or directory
 mount: : unknown special file or file system.
 Cleaning up to exit...

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