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#114: Easy Mac Emulator for GPA teachers
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Comment(by CarolineM):


 The teachers in Boston all have macbooks bought in the last 2 years.  So
 these would all be macbooks right?

 The schools have a good smattering of old green macs in the classrooms
 (I'm betting these are ppc).

 My client needs are: A VERY VERY easy mac emulation for the teachers.
 Download it, drag it to your applications folder.  THIS IS A BLOCKER for
 the Sugar on a Stick pilot right now.  Teachers will not use sticks. They
 will use their existing laptops.

 I have a lower priority need for a "boot helper" for the old macs that
 would let students use their sticks. This is a nice to have as it lets us
 reuse old existing equipment.

 I know from a technical point of view we need to standardize. But perhaps
 we should have a solution that meets our business needs first, then decide
 if we can improve it, then standardize.

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