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#106: No logout option
  Reporter:  askvictor    |       Owner:  sayamindu
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Comment(by alsroot):

 Replying to [comment:6 eben]:
 > OK, so while Sugar itself isn't multi-user capable, a user could "login"
 to a Sugar session and later leave that session via a "logout" option.
 Two follow up questions are:
 > 1. Can we, in software, determine when such an option is usable?  (And
 if not, what does "logout" do when booting directly into Sugar, such as on
 an XO?)
 I think the most suitable place is disto-level patches

 > 2. What does this mean if we later wish to introduce true multi-user
 support within Sugar itself?  Do they conflict, or is this a non-issue?
 Gnome/KDE are also true multi-user systems and there is logout option (and
 also 'switch user')

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