[Bugs] #171 MAJO: Uninstall activities that use symlinks

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Sun Jan 4 07:43:12 EST 2009

#171: Uninstall activities that use symlinks
 Reporter:  erikos  |       Owner:  marcopg          
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  new              
 Priority:  major   |   Milestone:                   
Component:  sugar   |     Version:  Git as of bugdate
 Keywords:  r?      |  
 This is a follow up on #95. The activity bundle
 http://dev.laptop.org/~bemasc/ACBLSCOR-1.xo contains symlinks that point
 to a directory and are therefore returned by os.walk as directories. As
 the directories are removed in any case we must remove the symlink.

 diff --git a/src/sugar/bundle/bundle.py b/src/sugar/bundle/bundle.py
 index ed0360d..a1b2686 100644
 --- a/src/sugar/bundle/bundle.py
 +++ b/src/sugar/bundle/bundle.py
 @@ -191,5 +191,9 @@ class Bundle(object):
              for name in files:
                  os.remove(os.path.join(root, name))
              for name in dirs:
 -                os.rmdir(os.path.join(root, name))
 +                path = os.path.join(root, name)
 +                if os.path.islink(path):
 +                    os.remove(path)
 +                else:
 +                    os.rmdir(path)

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