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#452: An Activity toolbar design that always shows the "Stop" button
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 I was just going over some notes I made while watching my 2 nieces and
 nephew using Sugar (8.2) on 2 XO. One specific observation was their
 difficulty in getting to grips with the toolbar tabs, for many Activities,
 this leads to a common state where the "Stop" button is hidden, which in
 turn prevented them from ending an Activity. They did discover how to
 switch back to the home view and start another Activity (leaving a trail
 of open activity instances until things locked up due to memory issues).
 The other 'solution' they found (in paint) was to just make a very large
 brush and paint out (and loose) their last work, back to a clean canvas to
 start again (again due to difficulty with tabs they didn't make use of the
 edit clear canvas toolbar button).

 With reference to the future design mock-ups shown on:


 I'd like to suggest that the "Stop" button be always present on the
 primary (always visible) tool bar.

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