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#1634: Remove wiki pages (permanent task)
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Changes (by cjl):

 * cc: cjl (added)


 Wikis have their own mechanisms for handling such requests, I'm not sure
 that a Trac ticket (wiki component) is the right way to handle this.  That
 should probably be reserved for wiki functionality things like adding
 extensions, etc.

 The traditional method for requesting wiki page deletions is to add the
 text {{delete}} to the page, which adds the delete template.  Any user can
 do this, even anon IPs.


 This flags the page easily for sysops (they have the page delete priv), it
 also serves to open the opportunity for on-wiki discussion of the delete
 (if such discussion is even needed).

 Sysops (wiki admins) can just go to:

 to find pages that need clean-up.  If there is something urgent, you can
 reach out to sysops via their talk pages or on the wiki team talk page.
 Sysops are listed on the link off of this page.


 Just my two wiki cents.

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